Mass times in Cheltenham for 15th week in Ordinary time.

Mass Times This Week

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

15th Sunday

5.00pm (Vigil) St Thomas More Holy Souls
5.30pm (Sat) Sacred Hearts Don Davey RIP
8.00am St Gregory Lilian & Allin & Julie Martin RIP
8.15am Sacred Hearts People of the Parish
9.30am St Gregory Timothy Francis Dwyer RIP
10.30am Sacred Hearts Intention of Mary Stevenson
11.15am St Gregory People of the Parish
6.00pm St Gregory Ellizabeth Grace RIP

16thMondayWeekday in Ordinary Time

          9.30am St Gregory (OP Hall) Intentions of Fr John Blacker

17thTuesdayWeekday in Ordinary Time

9.30am St Gregory (OP Hall) Private Intention
7.00pm Sacred Hearts Annette Moran RIP

18thWednesdayWeekday in Ordinary Time

9.30am St Gregory (OP Hall) James Bryce RIP
10.00am Sacred Hearts Intention of Elly Moston

19thThursdayWeekday in Ordinary Time

9.15am Sacred Hearts Norah Timms RIP
9.30am St Gregory (OP Hall) Isabel Grindley RIP
1.30pm St Thomas More Funeral Service for Elaine Pearce RIP
6.30pm St Thomas More Holy Souls

20thFridayWeekday in Ordinary Time

9.15am Sacred Hearts Intention of Pat McDonald
9.30am St Gregory (OP Hall) Dinah Swain RIP

21stSaturdayWeekday in Ordinary Time

9.15am Sacred Hearts Intentions of Anne Moran
9.30am St Thomas More Special Intention

Mass at Nazareth House: 10.00am Monday-Saturday

Church Restoration Blog.

You will be interested to read an email received this morning from Lindsey McCullam. Lindsey is a Property Surveyor employed by the Diocese and is a key player within the team working on our restoration project:

We have now reached a stage where we have good access to all parts of the works as the boarding has been removed allowing for a thorough inspection and scope of works to be defined. The result is that a number of provisional items were able to be omitted or indeed replaced with alternative methods of work or quantity, hence the fluctuation in the estimated contract sum since tender.

A note on this is that we are aware of some additional works that we had not accounted for but have since become apparent. For example the rotten wall plate behind the cornice in St Benedicts Chapel.

There are many variables in a project of this size and having professional advice is essential to the respect and preservation of the valuable historic fabric, whilst being careful to keep an eye on the cost of such works. Some expert advice was latterly recruited to analyse and confirm colours for the timber when it was identified that the scissor braces were stained 2 different shades! We are currently still early on in what is quite a long project at St Gregory the Great and there are still likely to be various fluctuations to the contract Sum. The team will be doing their best to ensure that the cost of the works is as close to anticipated as possible, but where urgent items occur such as the wall plate, these must be incorporated whilst we have access and skilled labour to do so, adding to the estimation.

You will also note further evidence of unscheduled work in this picture of the keystone to the arch of the Lady Chapel.

There has been a small amount of structural movement that has caused the face of the stone to blow. The new stone insert is currently being carved in Ellis stone masons workshop in Shepton Mallet.

We therefore continue to fundraise and are most appreciative of your sustained generosity to support this important work. An example is the £276 raised by the 55 Club, at a table top sale, in the Old Priory this week. Well Done!

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